Roots Real Hair Extensions Story – Sara

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Sara's Testimonial

I’ve been wearing hair from Roots hair extensions for about a month now and I can honestly say that it is the best quality hair I’ve ever come across. The hair is super soft and shiny, it looks and feels great. I like to change my styles frequently, and these extensions allow me to do so because they come in lots of different varieties, textures, and lengths.

I love the fact that this hair is so resilient, so that if I wanted to use it over and over again I know that with proper maintenance and a simple wash it will bounce right back into shape. I use Coconut Deluxe Leave in formula also from Roots and that’s all you need. It literally brings the hair to life!

I’m always on the go and this hair has the best “get up and go” natural look I’ve seen thus far. I have tried all types of extensions, they shed, they tangle, the texture changes, you just don’t know what you will get when you order it. You can trust that with this product you will be satisfied. I highly recommend Roots hair extensions to anyone looking for quality long-lasting hair.

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